Ivory Bridal


Looking for a simple backyard wedding idea while working with a super small budget? Late June or July is Hydrangea Season at its finest here in BC. I cut these luscious stems from my own garden and the bouquet took about 5 minutes to trim back the leaves and fill the vase. The slight difference in petal colors allows you to easily mix and match your blues throughout the décor.  



The Real Canadian Superstore can be quite surprising sometimes with their outdoor ware. This acrylic set was just released and stopped me in my tracks. The options are endless with what direction to take and the price is very Joe Fresh.



After much demand and continuous searching for it on our site we are happy to announce we are bringing bridesmaids online. The dresses will very in sizes, colors, lengths, fabrics, and styles, and will be InStock and ready for immediate delivery.

The key is to having a simple wedding is to not over-think it, pick a color and sprinkle it around and enjoy the simplicity and focus on the vows. Your guests will find it refreshing and your bank account will be in check at the end of it all.



Hydrangea: from my own garden
Blue Acrylic Patio Ware; Real Canadian Superstore
Bridesmaids Dresses; Coming Soon to ivorybridal.ca 

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