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Rock Water with My Love

15 Years of Togetherness, almost 9 Years of Marriage, 3 Years of Parenthood, and a very much needed break took us to Rock Water Secret Cove on the Beautiful Sunshine Coast of British Columbia                 last weekend.

I don't know about you but getting on plane or sailing away on a ferry watching the mainland slip away always makes the vacation seem so much more of a get-away. As the Queen of Surrey's horn blew my hubby and I found a nice spot on the top deck which allowed the ocean air to wash over us and we felt our whole mind-set slow right down.  We planned on grabbing a bite to eat once we got off in Gibson's as we had heard so many great things about Smitty's Oyster House, and this little hidden gem did not disappoint. The Halibut Fritters and Fish Tacos were the perfect lunch shared between us and the local beer selection hit just the right spot. 

From there we traveled up the Island Highway with much anticipation of what the next 2 days had in store. When arriving at Rock Water you are greeted by the back of the Main building which really looks nothing like their website (this was our second time here so we knew not to be confused). After you go inside, check-in, and then take the ceder bridge walkway (after passing through the Zen garden and ringing the large gong), you know you have definitely arrived.                                           All you hear around you is ocean waves, birds chirping, and maybe the odd boat or float plane off the water.  When you have reached your numbered tent suite you'll be pleasantly surprised with your very own wrap around deck creating the ultimate private destination. Our first time here back in 2006 for our honeymoon the Tent Suites had just opened and I am happy to report the condition of the place is just as new and inviting.                                             Your french doors open up to one of the nicest accommodations I have ever experienced  with its heated slate floors, over-sized Jacuzzi tub, rain shower, small dining table, and King Size bed.        

You now have the option to burrow away in your tent and on your private deck staring at the ocean for the remainder of your stay as they kindly deliver food right to your tent or you can wonder back to the restaurant, pool, or visit the Spa with no walls at ocean-side. We highly recommend the couple massage.


The Restaurant is beyond anything you could anticipate, the 5 star service is very sincere, and the location is world-class. I don't think there is a bad time to go as storm watching would be incredible from here and the fact that its 2 hours from Vancouver is even better.

We spotted two brides over the course of our stay, one couple had eloped and just brought Mom and a best friend, the other flew in their whole Calgary Clan and was doing the Huge White Tent with all the trimmings. Want to bring the family? No problem, the main house has rooms to stay in or you can rent one of the sweet cabins on the property. It truly is a lovers paradise with the ability to bend a bit and accommodate what ever your heart desires.

Thank you Rock Water you will see us again very soon,

 M xo


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