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  • It was this time last year that I shared my decision to close Ivory Bridal's brick-and-mortar doors and build our online presence. Many people questioned it, some thought the business wasn't doing well, and others tried to persuade me as they were certain I was making a terrible mistake. The fact of the matter was there were three personal things going on in my life that kept pulling at my heartstrings daily and I could no longer ignore my desire and had to take the plunge. While away in Las Vegas for my husband's birthday we are on a flight home and I came up with an idea on how I might be able to continue my successful business and bring something new and fresh to the local industry and fill a much needed void.

    First let's back up a bit though and touch lightly on the three things pulling on my heartstrings so strongly. As they would have had to be fairly significant to make me want to close something I loved so very much. The first thing we're actually two A&M my beautiful two-year-old (at the time) twins who I was leaving on a daily basis usually with tears in my eyes. I hadn't entered into motherhood thinking I would feel so strongly about wanting to be close to them as much as I did but as every passing day went on I just couldn't bare the idea of having to leave them again the following day. The third thing pulling on my heartstrings was my sweet Dad. For those of you that have followed Ivory for a while now you are probably aware that my dad had ALS. ALS is a life sentence, there is no treatment and there really is no longevity.  Therefore each visit is a precious one and you know the next visit his condition is going to be worse. All I wanted to do was spend time with him. I also really  wanted my children to spend more time with him as we all knew they had limited months to get to know their Papa and create some memories, have pictures taken, videos made, and moments to share. My Dad was an entrepreneur like myself and had owned and operated a business for many years, (my entire childhood/early adulthood in fact). He helped me become confidant in my decision with IVORY's new direction and he supported me as I gently stumbled along the decision making process. When I finally made the definitive decision and pulled the plug, made the phone calls, told the staff , and did not renew the lease he gave me a big smile and said "now you can enjoy your life, now you can enjoy A&M, and now we can get some real face time in." One of the best conversations we ever had was the one following my final decision. He was so happy that I was going to be around a little bit more and I was. There is one thing in this life you just don't get back and that is time. My sweet-sweet father passed away in August. My soul is still feeling the repercussions of that blow as the loss of this magnitude is indescribable. To all of my friends and family who lost somebody this close to them before me losing my Dad, I am so sorry I didn't hug you tighter, I am so sorry I didn't sympathize more, and I am so sorry that you had to feel this level of pain. I am trying my hardest to live this life for not only me but for him as well now. You just have to move through it or at least that’s what they say. 

    I closed the storefront down in a matter of four months completing all the special bridal orders we had taken, sold off the racking, some of the furniture, stock I wasn't taking to online, packed everything, cleaned, and said goodbye. Little did I know that was the easy part.                                                          


    Running an online business is a beast and I mean a beast, not only do you have to have a pretty front end which encompasses pictures, social media, product descriptions, blogging, social media updates, pictures, emailing, pictures, you get the “picture” lol. You also have the back-end to tend to: continuous redesigning of your website, analytic studies, research follow through, product description revisions, trying to reach/find your internet target market, receiving orders, packing orders, shipping orders, tracking orders, and all the while inside this process I have little A&M right by my side who are now 3 and ask an average of 347 questions a day each.  I can confidently say it has taken me a solid year to just get the stay-at-home mom thing down. What do you mean I have to figure out what's going to be for dinner every night? Not to mention breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, and now the the grand finale lol. In addition, I really should clean the house get the laundry done,  and most importantly and be and  play with our kids because that is the whole reason I'm doing this right? Oh my goodness I’m tired just typing all that.

    With all that said, "I love it!" I really, really do. I'm getting better at it. I'm learning to ask for help and figuring out the ins and outs of the online world. I am also letting go of my hesitancy to share the behind-the-scenes of my private life and I'm taking care of me, (exercise equals a very happy Michelle). I have so much respect for Moms that work ~be it in an office, in a store, traveling with your jobs, or like me from home. Wherever you are the juggle and struggle is real and I bow down to you all.

    At the end of this roller coaster of a transitional year I wouldn't change a thing professionally. I'm so so happy I did what I did as the relationship I have with my kids is incredible for we get to laugh and cry together every day. Their now in preschool which means I have two partial days a week of uninterrupted me time, (have you noticed an increase in productivity?) lol.

    I did a soft launch of Loved|Again a few weeks ago and I'm getting a great response. Ladies are loving the idea and the addition of this concept to the business is helping all areas of Ivory grow. I had the idea while I was up in that plane flying home from Vegas just over a year ago staring out the window asking myself “how was I going to make this work?” “What can I do that offers a online service where I can still sell the amazing Canadian made products from my current suppliers to my clientele and be successful?” The current success is very exciting and has so much potential I absolutely love the growing process. 

    My advice to anyone who is experiencing an inner voice that just won't stop nagging you is you need to stop and listen to it. You have to figure it out because you only get one shot at this and you need to do what's right for you. There is going to be naysayers, there is always going to be the haters but then there's going to be the supporters and those are the ones you hold onto. For they are the ones that are going to be there drinking a glass of champagne when it all works out and you have that big smile on your face because in the end you listened to the most important person in your life you.

    M xo


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  • 3 under $30 for your Something Blue


    Sometimes filling in all the traditions of a wedding can get costly and a bit stressful so we have come up a few ideas to help you in the something blue department. This tradition tends to be on the higher priority list and can be a fun way to throw a twist into the mix.
                                                                                                                                                                                    The garter is a sweet idea in all over blue or just a touch.We have multiple options made by local designer Hair Candy.
    Earrings too can be an of so subtle way of hitting the tradition and if the shade is just light enough in a  Swarovski crystal only the detailed eye  will probably catch it.      
      Last but not least maybe talk to your Grandma or Mom and see if there is a family hankie, broach (to be added to your bouquet handle), or a piece of jewelry that could be borrowed. For then you hit your something old, something borrowed, and something blue! I was incredibly lucky with my Grandmothers white fox stole as my 3 in 1 for her initials are embroidered on this inside in BLUE!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         



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  • C

    lick Here  to learn how to Corset a Dress properly. 




    Be sure to use a mirror so you look over the ladies shoulder every one in a while to make sure everything is centered. If there is a panel for behind the corset lace snap one side in so you can adjust it at the end on the other side. 

    Another good idea is to have the bride or grad hold up her girls so when your done they sit on nice tight shelf creating great decolletage. 

    Don't be afraid of making it nice and tight, you should not be able to take a deep breath in easily or bend in the torso. You will have great posture and shape all day.

    Happy Corseting,
    M xo


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  • Creating a Classic Chignon Bun

    We love partnering up with local talent and are very excited to be working with Rhea from Salon Montage and Day Spa in Langley. Rhea has been my go to lady for special events, fashion shows, and photo shoots since we met over 8 years ago. Today Rhea is going to walk us through on how to create a classic Chignon look. If you have 5 minutes it definitely worth the watch and instruction.

    M xo                        


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    Looking for a simple backyard wedding idea while working with a super small budget? Late June or July is Hydrangea Season at its finest here in BC. I cut these luscious stems from my own garden and the bouquet took about 5 minutes to trim back the leaves and fill the vase. The slight difference in petal colors allows you to easily mix and match your blues throughout the décor.  



    The Real Canadian Superstore can be quite surprising sometimes with their outdoor ware. This acrylic set was just released and stopped me in my tracks. The options are endless with what direction to take and the price is very Joe Fresh.



    After much demand and continuous searching for it on our site we are happy to announce we are bringing bridesmaids online. The dresses will very in sizes, colors, lengths, fabrics, and styles, and will be InStock and ready for immediate delivery.

    The key is to having a simple wedding is to not over-think it, pick a color and sprinkle it around and enjoy the simplicity and focus on the vows. Your guests will find it refreshing and your bank account will be in check at the end of it all.



    Hydrangea: from my own garden
    Blue Acrylic Patio Ware; Real Canadian Superstore
    Bridesmaids Dresses; Coming Soon to ivorybridal.ca 

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  • Rock Water with My Love

    15 Years of Togetherness, almost 9 Years of Marriage, 3 Years of Parenthood, and a very much needed break took us to Rock Water Secret Cove on the Beautiful Sunshine Coast of British Columbia                 last weekend.

    I don't know about you but getting on plane or sailing away on a ferry watching the mainland slip away always makes the vacation seem so much more of a get-away. As the Queen of Surrey's horn blew my hubby and I found a nice spot on the top deck which allowed the ocean air to wash over us and we felt our whole mind-set slow right down.  We planned on grabbing a bite to eat once we got off in Gibson's as we had heard so many great things about Smitty's Oyster House, and this little hidden gem did not disappoint. The Halibut Fritters and Fish Tacos were the perfect lunch shared between us and the local beer selection hit just the right spot. 

    From there we traveled up the Island Highway with much anticipation of what the next 2 days had in store. When arriving at Rock Water you are greeted by the back of the Main building which really looks nothing like their website (this was our second time here so we knew not to be confused). After you go inside, check-in, and then take the ceder bridge walkway (after passing through the Zen garden and ringing the large gong), you know you have definitely arrived.                                           All you hear around you is ocean waves, birds chirping, and maybe the odd boat or float plane off the water.  When you have reached your numbered tent suite you'll be pleasantly surprised with your very own wrap around deck creating the ultimate private destination. Our first time here back in 2006 for our honeymoon the Tent Suites had just opened and I am happy to report the condition of the place is just as new and inviting.                                             Your french doors open up to one of the nicest accommodations I have ever experienced  with its heated slate floors, over-sized Jacuzzi tub, rain shower, small dining table, and King Size bed.        

    You now have the option to burrow away in your tent and on your private deck staring at the ocean for the remainder of your stay as they kindly deliver food right to your tent or you can wonder back to the restaurant, pool, or visit the Spa with no walls at ocean-side. We highly recommend the couple massage.


    The Restaurant is beyond anything you could anticipate, the 5 star service is very sincere, and the location is world-class. I don't think there is a bad time to go as storm watching would be incredible from here and the fact that its 2 hours from Vancouver is even better.

    We spotted two brides over the course of our stay, one couple had eloped and just brought Mom and a best friend, the other flew in their whole Calgary Clan and was doing the Huge White Tent with all the trimmings. Want to bring the family? No problem, the main house has rooms to stay in or you can rent one of the sweet cabins on the property. It truly is a lovers paradise with the ability to bend a bit and accommodate what ever your heart desires.

    Thank you Rock Water you will see us again very soon,

     M xo


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